Summary of March 6th meeting


We discussed Watermelon, which we all agreed we didn’t like either the style or the protagonist. I don’t think we’ll choose chick lit again for a while.

As agreed at last meeting, The God of Small Things is our next book.

Anne Marie suggested for the next book to do a book swap. So each of us will bring a favourite book and then pick a name from hat to pass the book to. That will be April’s book.

From then on we are going to take it in turns to choose a book. We will do it alphabetically so the order will be: Anne Marie, Jennie, Laura K, Laura M, Merle, Sinead, Siobhan.

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  1. Looking very sweaty but happy to be there post spinning!!…the library book on that table is still in my possession…I have 40 pages left of Watermelon…UGH! so far behind! I hope I can eventually catch up to you guys…You all look fab of course!

  2. You’ll catch up no problem. Its so hard to get the time. I just finished The God of Small Things last night, so hoping to read The Day of the Triffids before next meeting. Oops just two weeks to go!

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