December’s Meeting


December’s meeting will be on Tuesday 18th. For this Christmas book club meeting, each member must buy a book not costing more than €5, and wrap it up for a book kris kindle. We will then put all the books into a bag and pick one each.

We will be discussing The Food of Love by Anthony Capella

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  1. Just wanted to post few links about the list of books I was talking about regarding picking new books.
    First explaining the list is Wikipedia entry:
    Then official website of list is: it’s searchable and sortable and gives bit of information about book and author when you click on title but I thought doesn’t give an easy overview of the list, which is what you get on next link.
    Seemingly there are 3 editions of the list and both times new titles have been added and some scrapped, this last link has supposedly all the books that have ever been chosen so there’s actually 1305 books on it :
    Even if we don’t go with this idea it’s quite interesting to look through it

    • Thanks Merle, I’ve been going through the list, its HUGE! It’s definitely a good idea. I’m going to use the list with 1305 and reproduce it on the blog and then we can use it to pick our March book.

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