Review of ‘Solace’ by Belinda McKeon



7.75 out of 10

Solace‘ – average marks 7.75 out of 10, based on four readers from the book club.

Good points:

‘Beautifully written in simple prose, characters very easy to relate to, felt real.’

‘Beautiful sparse prose – McKeon finds ways to articulate things I’ve thought / felt myself, but could never find such an eloquent way to say them.  Loved how it was about our generation and the Dublin I remember moving to when I finished college – made it easy to relate to.  The characters, even the ones with bit parts, are all very believable and well fleshed out.’

‘It was well written and easy to read , excellent vivid engaging contrasts between urban and rural life.’
‘Loved how it was so everyday and easy to identify with the characters.’

 Bad Points:

‘Struggle to come up with any.  I’m not completely finished but I will be very interested to find out how things end up the way the do from the prologue.  I hope it doesn’t just peter out after already finding out the major reason why Mark, his Dad & Aoife end up alone.’
‘I like a bit of suspense and I knew from first few pages the ending so although a nice read it seemed to be of no avail in terms of what happens next.’
‘Kept me awake to finish! ‘
‘Very slow moving.’
Overall ‘Solace’ was well-liked by everyone and there are a few members still reading it or about to read it.

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