We love ‘Toddle Waddle’


Happy world book day! Continuing in the spirit of World Book Day I wanted to write a review about the favourite book in our house currently. It’s no secret that Julia Donaldson is a big favourite in our house, but the love of this book has just pushed her popularity to a whole new level. My 18 month old absolutely adores this book. Anytime from 6.30pm if you mention bed, he’s out shaking the stair gate trying to get upstairs and as soon as he gets up he starts saying ‘tada wada’. To the uninitiated this is ‘Toddle Waddle’ by Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt. His 4 1/2 year old big brother usually reads the book to him.


It starts off  with the toddler ‘toddle’ and the duck ‘waddle’ and from then on every new character introduced makes a new sound. From Mammy’s ‘flip flop’ to the apple eater’s ‘crunch munch’ there is lots of sounds for a toddler to enjoy trying to copy. There is also a page with a train ‘choo choo’ is always popular, and a page that just says ‘bye bye’. We all wave at the book and then it is time for bed.

This is an excellent addition to any toddlers library, and is providing hours of fun in this house anyway. If you’re in Gorey it is available in The Book Station, but should be easily found in any good bookshop. Read with your children today to celebrate world book day!

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