World Book Day 2013


Today, March 7th 2013 is World Book Day, which is an initiative to get kids reading. Kids in participating schools will get free book tokens. What better way to get kids reading than free stuff 🙂

Giraffes Can’t Dance – one of the 2013 World Book Day books

We in Around Quarter Past Bookclub and our (count them slowly 2+2+2+2+2+2+3++1+1+4 =21) twenty one children (how did that happen!) love to read and we often recommend books to one another that our little ones have loved. Our kids range in age from 9 year old Nathan to brand new Emmet who came to our last meeting at 12 weeks old so there’s a wide variety in the recommended books.

Check out our previous blogposts here about what books our kiddies love:

Our Children’s Favourite Books

Our Children’s Favourite Books Part 2

And some other links that might be of interest to children’s book lovers:

Review of Peppa’s Big Train

The Gruffalo Official Website

Happy World Book Day

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