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Library copies of Solace have arrived.


Yvonne in the library phoned today to advise she has 3 copies of Solace by Belinda McKeon for us.

Merle has ‘bagsed’ one. They are in the Reservation section under my name. If you have any problems taking them out just bring to desk and say Yvonne sorted them for our book club. Can you just drop me a text/e-mail to let me know if you are going to take a copy so I’ll know how many left etc.


November’s Book – Solace by Belinda McKeon


Sinéad chose ‘Solace’  by Belinda McKeon for November’s book.




From the back cover:

Mark Casey has left home, the rural Irish community where his family has farmed the same land for generations. He is a doctoral student in Dublin, a vibrant, contemporary city full of possibility. But to his father, Tom, who needs help baling the hay and ploughing the fields, Mark’s pursuit isn’t work at all, and they are set on a collision course, while Mark’s mother negotiates a fragile peace.

To escape the seemingly endless struggle of completing his thesis, Mark finds himself whiling away his time with pubs and parties. His is a life without focus or responsibility, until he meets Joanne Lynch, a trainee solicitor whom he finds irresistible – and who he later discovers happens to be the daughter of a man who once spectacularly wronged Mark’s father, and whose betrayal Tom has remembered every single day for twenty years.

Joanne too has escaped the life circumscribed by her overbearing father, and she is torn between the opportunities to succeed in this new wealthy Dublin and the moral dilemmas it presents. But for a brief time Mark and Joanne are able to share the chaos and rapture of a love affair, an emotional calm, until the lightning strike of tragedy changes everything.

Fresh, sensitive and genuinely brave, Belinda McKeon is a startling new talent in the great Irish mould, and Solace is a work to be admired equally for its spare, intense lyricism as its range, understanding, and deeply compassionate portrayal of life as it is lived now.