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February’s Book – Crow Lake by Mary Lawson


Aine has chosen February’s book. It will be Crow Lake by Mary Lawson.


Crow Lake is that rare find, a first novel so quietly assured, so emotionally pitch perfect, you know from the opening page that this is the real thing-a literary experience in which to lose yourself, by an author of immense talent.

Here is a gorgeous, slow-burning story set in the rural “badlands” of northern Ontario, where heartbreak and hardship are mirrored in the landscape. For the farming Pye family, life is a Greek tragedy where the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons, and terrible events occur-offstage.

Centerstage are the Morrisons, whose tragedy looks more immediate if less brutal, but is, in reality, insidious and divisive. Orphaned young, Kate Morrison was her older brother Matt’s protegee, her fascination for pond life fed by his passionate interest in the natural world. Now a zoologist, she can identify organisms under a microscope but seems blind to the state of her own emotional life. And she thinks she’s outgrown her siblings-Luke, Matt, and Bo-who were once her entire world.

In this universal drama of family love and misunderstandings, of resentments harbored and driven underground, Lawson ratchets up the tension with heartbreaking humor and consummate control, continually overturning one’s expectations right to the very end. Tragic, funny, unforgettable, Crow Lake is a quiet tour de force that will catapult Mary Lawson to the forefront of fiction writers today

We will discuss it on Tuesday February 25th.

Our Childrens’ Favourite Books Part 2


Laura M & Sinéad brought their kids’ favourite books to our November meeting.

Nathan’s Favourites (Aged 9) 


Anything Roald Dahl, just finished Going Solo and is really excited to read the BFG next
Ninja Meerkats series – what boy doesn’t love Ninjas & Meerkats 🙂
Garth Nix – The Seventh Tower series is brilliant.

Leon’s Favourites (Aged 6)

Dinosaur Cove Series – great for bedtime stories.  Exciting with illustrations on every page
Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch – Paul Bright & Michael Terry – All three kids from 2 up to 9 enjoy this one.  This has started a catch phrase in the house Lub-oo Daddy-normous!
Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Stories – Ian Whybrow Adrian Reynolds

Ciarán’s Favourites (Aged 4)

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson
Go Tell it to the Toucan – Colin West
Calm Down Boris, Sam Lloyd
Usborne Nativity touchy feely 
The Snail and the Whale – Julia Donaldson

Cathal’s Favourites (Aged 2)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?   Bill Martin Jr

The Gruffalo – Julia Donaldson

That’s not my Puppy

Robyn’s Favourites (Aged 2)

Mouse Mess by Linnea Riley – Beautifully illustrated and has proved to be popular with all of the kids.  Sentimental about this one because it was the first book Nathan ever read by himself 🙂

Scaredy Squirrel Series by Melanie Watt.  Love reading these, they make me laugh too 🙂  About a paranoid squirrel who is scared of everything, but it always turns out well in the end.
Sitting Ducks – Michael Bedard.  A charming little story about an alligator who works in a duck factory (hatching eggs to grow ducks to feed the alligators!).  He secretly takes an egg home and makes friends with the duck who starts a duck revolution!  Bought this for me one day in Dubray Books when we were wandering down Shop St. – really bought it for me, but the boys have loved it and now Robyn too 🙂

Felix’s Favourites (7 months)

Anything ‘That’s not my…’ books are brilliant from 3/4 months
Tails – Matthew Van Fleet. Gorgeous touchy feely book great for little ones, boys or girls, sent from family in the States for Leon.  Robyn really loves this one.
Where’s That Fish? – Dan Crisp.  A clever little book with a cut out that makes it look like it the goldfish you’re looking for on the next page but it’s always something else.  But there’s a happy ending.